Piped Propane Systems

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Fuel an Entire Community

Piped propane systems are a safe, convenient, cost-effective, and aesthetically-pleasing way to provide propane gas service where natural gas is not available and individual propane tanks at each point of use are not desired.

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Propane Piping Installation Safety

Aero Energy piped propane systems are regulated for safety by the Federal Office of Pipeline Safety. Periodic inspections of the piping systems are performed by Aero Energy under the agency’s guidance and codes. Aero only installs equipment approved for both propane and natural gas use to ensure a safe environment for our customers. In the case of damage to a system, Aero is fully prepared with the proper equipment and knowledge to make repairs quickly and safely. Aero Energy performs all installation, maintenance, repair, record keeping, and billing needs as well.

No Natural Gas? Use Underground Propane Gas Lines!

If natural gas is not available in your area, underground propane lines are the answer. Propane is a clean and efficient way to receive your fuel. With an underground piped propane system, customers do not have to store gas for future use in an individual storage tank. They only pay for what they consume. Homeowners also have an uninterrupted source of gas with no tanks being placed in their yard and no trucks making deliveries to their home.

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For more information on propane gas pipeline installation and systems, please call Aero Energy: 1-800-998-4311, ext 5827.

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