Schedule an Aero Home Services furnace tune-up before it gets cold outside.

Extend the life of your furnace
Satisfy manufacturer warranty requirements
Ensure safety and performance

Save energy dollars this heating season. Our expert technicians will perform maintenance and conduct a comprehensive, 15-point system inspection, including:

  1. Replace nozzle, oil filter and strainer. (Oil Equipment Only)
  2. Replace standard air filter to maximize airflow.
  3. Vacuum furnace/boiler and fuel pipe.
  4. Inspect and clear chimney base for proper draft and safety.
  5. Clean burner, fans, motors and circulators.  
  6. Clean and adjust blower housings, motors and compartments for proper airflow and system balance.
  7. Inspect combustion chambers and heat exchangers for integrity and safety.
  8. Examine belts for wear, replace when necessary.
  9. Check working gas pressures. (Gas Equipment Only)
  10. Check, clean and adjust pilot assembly. (Gas Equipment Only)
  11. Check output readings of thermocouple, replace when necessary. (Gas Equipment Only)
  12. Confirm proper operation of shut off valves for gas lines.
  13. Tighten, clean and check all electrical connections for functionality and safety.
  14. Verify proper T-stat operation and replace batteries if needed.
  15. Check combustion, efficiency, high limits, safety devices and burner operation for maximum savings and performance.

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