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Employee Spotlight: Kim Kelly

Employee Spotlight: Kim Kelly
This March, we’d like to recognize Kim Kelly in our employee spotlight. Kim is one of our skilled customer support associates and has now been with Aero Energy since 1977. A testament to Kim’s dedication- her entire career has been spent with our company. Her time at Aero Energy has taken her down many paths to include serving as an administrative assistant, working within our credit department and ultimately spending the majority of her years within customer support. We were able to sit down with Kim and learn about her time here over these last 44 years. 
Beginning at Aero:
Kim’s journey with Aero Energy began when a family friend called her mother to find out if Kim was interested in a part time job. Though she had no prior familiarity with Aero Energy, she ended up accepting a part time administrative assistant position in the New Freedom office. Kim reflected that times were very different then with the outside plants all individually handled dispatch, delivery tickets, work orders, credit, inventory and the telephones. It was because of this decentralization that she was able to get exposure to so many aspects of the company from the get-go. It wasn’t long before her part-time role transformed into a full-time customer support position in New Freedom.  

Employee Kim Kelly in photo.
Over the Years:
Kim tells us that she found a home at Aero Energy. She reflected that she has always enjoyed the people she’s worked with and appreciated that Aero was a family oriented company. It was clear early on as well that more seasoned employees were willing to lend a hand if she ever needed help or had questions. In fact, after all the winters Kim has seen, she tells us that the comradery with these same coworkers has been what she has enjoyed the most. In 2003 she transferred to the credit department in the New Oxford office where she began forming even stronger connections with the Aero team. She fondly recalled that three of her best friends all came into her life as a result of working at Aero Energy. In 2013 she returned to the New Freedom office taking up her old post in customer support where she has now been for the last eight years. 
A Lasting Legacy:
A self-described social butterfly, Kim’s favorite part of working at Aero Energy is getting to interact with people. On a day to day basis, she loves the satisfaction of knowing she helped someone each time she hangs up the phone. Kim recognizes that over the years, much has changed. What she’s most proud of is the ongoing opportunity to grow as a person at the same time the company has grown so significantly. 
Kim, we thank you for your unrivaled dedication over the years and we are honored that you are part of the Aero Energy team. 

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