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Top 4 Tips to Lower Your AC Bill

Summer of 2020 is officially underway, and that means we can expect temperatures to continue to rise. As we all cope with the circumstances associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, many local and state government officials have urged people to stay home and to socially distance themselves as much as possible. As a result, you might be running your air conditioning more this year than you have in the past to stay comfortable. Here are our top 4 tips for lowering your air conditioning bill this summer: 
  1. Our first recommendation is to install a smart thermostat in your home. These modern devices make cutting air conditioning costs not only easy but also automated. Varying brands offer different settings and capabilities, but the main idea is that you will be able to easily program your thermostat to automatically turn down the air conditioning when you’re asleep and when you’re not home. To take things a step further, if you go out of town and forget to adjust your thermostat, you’ll be able to take care of it from the convenience of your smartphone. Our technicians are experienced working on a number of brands, but if you’re considering having one installed, we recommend HoneyWell. 

  2. This next recommendation might seem like a no brainer but closing your blinds can have a significant impact on your air conditioning costs. It’s important to consider the trajectory of the sun relative to your house to determine which blinds might be the most impactful. If there are long stretches throughout the day where the sun is shining through a particular window (or group of windows), this might be a great starting point. 

  3. On especially warm days it should come as no surprise that air conditioning units might have to work especially hard to keep your home cool. We recommend using household fans to help circulate air and to alleviate the pressure put on these units. Often times this change will allow homeowners to increase their thermostat by several degrees. As a result, you can expect lower air conditioning costs and potentially longer unit lifespans.

  4. Finally, we recommend installing a dehumidifier in your home to help lower your cooling costs. By removing moisture from the air, your home will feel cooler than the actual temperature might reflect. At Aero Energy we partner with the top manufacturers to ensure we install nothing but high-quality products for our customers which is why we are an Aprilaire Partner. To learn more about this recommendation you can click here to read our benefits of installing a whole house dehumidifier article.
Are you interested in learning more about how you could save on cooling costs this summer? With over 90 years of experience, our team is ready to make sure your home is prepared for the hottest days that have yet to come. If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to give us a call at 1-800-998-4311 so we can set up a free consultation with one of our HVAC experts. You can also learn more about our HVAC services here. 

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