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Now Through May 2015!

Price Protection Program

Lock in Lower Fixed Pricing Through Next Winter

Aero's Fixed Price Plan and Cap Price Plan save you money and give you peace of mind by taking the worry out of winter fuel bills.

Propane and Heating Oil prices have dropped - Now is the time to lock in today?s lower fuel prices for next winter! While Propane and heating oil prices are lower right now, there remains much uncertainty where fuel prices will go in the future. With continued uncertainty with the gas pumps, the economy, hurricane season and high tensions in the Middle East and Europe, the time is right to lock in next winter?s fuel price at today?s lower prices.

Fixed Price Plan

Aero's 2014/2015 Fixed Price Plan runs through next Winter and offers fuel at a fixed price for pre-purchased gallons or for gallons on a fixed price contract with no pre-purchase.

Cap Price Plan

Aero's 2014/2015 Cap Price Plan also runs through next Winter. The Cap Price plan sets a maxium price you'll pay for your fuel while allowing the price to decrease if next winter's fuel prices should fall below your maximum cap price.

Price Protection Program Particulars:

  • The Fixed Price and Cap Price Plans include 3 payment options: Pre-Payment, Monthly Budget Plan, or Pay As Delivered.
  • No Fees. There are no Fixed Price Plan fees or upfront payments (Note: Upfront payment is required for the Pre-Payment option).
  • Automatic Delivery is required for either Price Protection Program (without pre-payment).

If you are interested in saving by locking in your fuel prices or capping your fuel costs, please call Aero Energy at 1-800-998-4311, or simply fill out the form below and we will contact you.

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