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House Of Worship Program

We’ll Donate To Your Church For Every Gallon Of Propane Or Heating Oil You Use!

Please take an information sheet to your church. Small donations from a committed congregation can make astounding impact on the lives of those around them.

If your church is able to round up 20 participating members, they could receive on average a donation of $600 a year. Click here to download. Following the 2021-2022 heating season, Aero Energy was able to donate $19,416.48 to churches, and with your help we can top that number this year!

Common Questions

No, You Pay The Same Price Per Gallon You Are Paying Now. This Is A Donation From Aero Energy To Your Church. Aero Energy Donates 4 Cents For Every Gallon Of Fuel You Use, That Is All.
No, your church does not need to use propane or heating oil to receive the annual Aero Energy House of Worship Program donation.
No, but they are welcome to switch to Aero Energy and receive four cents in donations for every gallon they use.

Terms And Conditions: Enrollment Is Limited To Residential Customers Only. Additional Terms And Conditions May Apply.

Please Complete The Form Below To Join The House Of Worship Program.

I want Aero Energy to donate 4 cents for every gallon of fuel I use to my church!

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