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Powered by our 5-Star technicians, Aero Energy offers home services you can rely on year-round to ensure your home comfort. Call Now and we’ll be happy to help you decide which plan would be best for you and your HVAC system! For the full details and to review the terms and conditions be sure to click here. From heating and cooling to air flow, air quality, home generators, plumbing and much more, we’ve got you covered. Your home deserves protection and you deserve peace of mind. Please note that service plans are not available in Calvert, St. Mary’s or Charles Counties at this time. Additional location restrictions may apply.

When you choose an Aero Energy service contract, you can depend on us for those that depend on you. Our plans are tailored to your needs.

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Our Plans Bronze 90 Silver 90 Gold 90
Safeguard Tune-Up
24/7Emergency Service
Home Comfort Guarantee
Discounted Add-Ons
System Lifetime Extension
Waived Trip Charge
Replacement Rebate $500 Free Up To $10,000
Parts & Labor Discount 15% 30% 100%
Aero Service Dollars Up To $200 $400 $500
Monthly Cost $19.99 $35.99 $49.99
Additional Unit Monthly Cost $4.99 $9.99 $24.99
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Parts & Labor Coverage

Aero Service Plans cover a percentage of parts and labor for service work when you enroll in the Bronze 90 or Silver 90 plan. When you enroll in the Gold 90 plan, parts and labor is fully covered!* You’ll also see an exact breakdown of where you’re spending your money. What this means is that you’ll be able to avoid surprise charges on your bill.

Replacement Rebate

When you enroll in the Silver 90 or Gold 90 plan, you can take advantage of a replacement rebate! If our technicians determine your heating or cooling system cannot be repaired you will be glad to have this perk. For those members enrolled in the Gold 90 Plan we’ll even replace your unit for free (up to $10,000*). Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Safeguard Tune-up/ Cleaning / Service

Included in all of our plans is the Aero Energy Safeguard Tune-up! Scheduled in advance, we will come perform preventative maintenance on your unit(s) one a year. Critical to the lifespan of any HVAC unit, our Safeguard Tune-up will help catch problems before they occur, provide peace of mind throughout the year and solidify your return on investment.

Aero Service Dollars

We are excited to announce that you will begin earning “Aero Service Dollars” that are redeemable for cash discounts on Aero Energy service work. You will earn Aero Service Dollars every year you are enrolled in an Aero Home Service Plan. You can check your Aero Service Dollar balance at any time from the convenience of your MyAero account.

24/7 Emergency Service

This is a serious perk of enrolling in an Aero Service Plan. Our 5-Star technicians can handle your emergencies 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Discounted Add-Ons

To provide flexibility, we are now offering discounted add-on services. In addition to unit(s) covered from your service plan you will receive exclusive discounts on other Aero Energy services. This a la carte style will allow you more options and price points based on your home’s specific needs. Our add-on services include the following:

  • Filter Plan
  • Generator Tune-Up
  • Plumbing Inspection
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Humidifier Tune-Up
  • Water Heater Tune-Up
  • Water Softener Tune-Up
Our Partners

At Aero Energy we pride ourselves on establishing the highest quality partnerships possible in our industry. That’s why we work so hard to maintain our statuses with each-

Our 5-Star technicians are experienced with working on a variety of brands including Ruud, Mitsubishi, Aprilaire, Rheem, and many more! If you have any plans of upgrading/replacing your unit be sure to ask about any current offers we’re running through our partnerships!

Aero Energy Add-On Plans

Check Electrical System for Code Compliance.

Visually Inspect (If accessible):

  • Main Wire to House.
  • Meter Base.
  • GFCI Circuits.
  • Receptacles and Switches.
  • Exposed Wiring.
  • And test Smoke Detector

Recommend Repairs and Upgades.

  • Without Contract: $120.00/Year
  • Without Contract: Just $8.500/Month

Change Oil and Filter

Measure output Voltage and Hertz

*Test Battery (*replacement battery not included)

Replace Spark Plugs

Test Transfer Switch Operation

Visually Inspect (if accessible):

  • Battery Cable and Terminals
  • Battery Trickle Charge Circuit
  • Air Filter and Replace it if Needed
  • Spark Plug Wires
  • Fuel Lines, Fittings and Regulators

Measure and Adjust Gas Pressure

Recommend Repairs and Upgrades

  • Without Contract: $200.00/Year
  • With Contract: Just $14.16/Month

Test Water for hardness, Iron and Ph

Check Water Pressure (City Water)

Check Operation of Main Water Shut Off Valve

Check Plumbing for Code Compliance

Check for Leaks and Corrosion

Check and Measure Pressure of Pump Tank (Well Water)

Visually Inspect (if accessible):

  • Faucets, Exposed Pipes and Fixtures
  • All Pressure Relief Valves
  • Washing Machine Hoses and Valves

Inspect Toilet

Camera Main Sewer (if “Clean Out” is Accessible)

Recommend Repairs and Upgrades

  • Without Contract: $120.00/Year
  • With Contract: Just $8.50/Month

Check Humidistat

Clear Drain if Applicable

Change Pad

Visually Inspect (if accessible):

  • Surrounding Duct
  • Water Lines and Fittings
  • Wiring

Recommend Repairs and Upgrades

  • Without Contract: $125.00/Year
  • With Contract: Just $8.85/Month

Test and Adjust Burner

Clean and Check Electrodes and Ignition Assembly

Check safety and operating contros

Check Heat Exchanger and Flu Pipe

Visually Inspect Combustion Chamber

Descale/Flush System

Recommend Repairs and Upgrades

  • Without Contract: $180.00/Year
  • With Contract: Just $12.75/Month

Test and Adjust Burner

Oil all safety and operating controls

Vaccum Heater and Flue Pipe

Visually Inspect (if accessible):

  • Combustion Chamber
  • Intake and exhaust piping
  • Fittings and Gas Pressure

Clean and Check Electrodes and Ignition Assembly

Recommend Repairs and Upgrades

  • Without Contract: $328.00/Year
  • With Contract: Just $23.23/Month

Check Operation

Test Water for Hardness, Iron and Ph

Clean Injector and Screen

Visually Inspect Drain and Wiring

Check and Adjust Control and Timer

Back Wash System

Recommended Repairs and Upgrades

  • Without Contract: $135.00/Year
  • Without Contract: Just $9.56/Month

Visually Inspect Wiring

Check Thermostats

Drain Water Heater

Confirm Temperature Setting

Recommend Repairs and Upgrades

  • Without Contract: $180.00/Year
  • With Contract: Just $12.75/Month

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Terms and Conditions

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