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Residential Fuels

Residential fuels are an important part of everyday life and play a pivotal role in ensuring home comfort. From homes to transportation and other industries, propane and heating oil are heavily utilized for a variety of reasons. It’s exceptionally important that homeowners have a reliable source of fuel for their home at a fair price.

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Types of Residential Fuels We Offer

At Aero Energy we offer propane and heating oil to residential customers across South Central Pennsylvania and the majority of Maryland for both primary heat as well as other applications. The type of residential fuel that your home relies upon likely depends on a few factors to include where your home is located, the type of furnace you have installed, square footage of your home and desired uses.

  • Propane: Propane is a clean-burning fuel that prevents soot accumulation when it’s burnt inside a furnace. This can be beneficial for those who are looking to decrease the amount of maintenance their furnace requires. Propane has few environmental risks and is considered a green fuel. In addition to home heating, propane is an excellent choice for cooking, fireplaces, heating pools and much more.
  • Heating Oil: Heating oil is a petroleum product that has been used to heat homes in the U.S. for many decades. Heating oil generates roughly 139,000 BTUs meaning it burns hotter than propane or natural gas. As a result, heating oil will not be consumed as quickly when heating a home. Experience even greater heating oil efficiencies with Aero Energy’s premium ThermoGuard Additive.

Take Advantage of Our SMART Price Protection Plan

We understand that cost is as important as the quality of the residential fuel that you are receiving. That’s why we offer our SMART Price Protection Plan so our customers can lock in their rates for one to two heating seasons at a time. With these plans, our customers will enjoy a competitive, consistent rate. New customers will benefit from up to a $100.00 fuel credit and a low first fill rate. 

Once enrolled in this plan, you are guaranteed a consistent fixed rate for your propane or heating oil for the entire season. The global fuel market has been known to fluctuate for a variety of reasons in the past. You are afforded an extra layer of protection in the fall and winter when you fix your rate.  To be eligible for our Smart Price Protection program you must be credit approved and utilize propane or heating oil for primary heat in your home. Additional terms and conditions may apply. 

Why Choose Aero Energy’s Residential Fuels?

Aero Energy has provided residential fuels to our local communities since 1929. In those 90 plus years we’ve grown significantly and learned a lot along the way. Ultimately though we believe you deserve peace of mind and home comfort at an affordable price. This is why we’ve developed a variety of delivery plans for you to choose from so we can tailor our service to your needs. With nine locations across Pennsylvania and Maryland, you’ll enjoy dependability and local care when you choose Aero Energy.

To learn more about our residential fuel solutions, contact us today!