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Exterior lighting can transform the look and feel of any home. Whether you’re going for a dramatic or simple aesthetic look, Aero Energy is more than capable of giving your home an exceptional exterior lighting install. Homeowners throughout Adams, York, and Cumberland County, Pennsylvania turn to Aero Energy for our expertise in residential electrical work. That extends to exterior lighting repairs and installations. Install, repair, rewire, or maintain the exterior lighting of your home with the best: Aero Energy.

Our crew of electricians specialize in commercial and residential lighting installations for Adams, York, and Cumberland County. Every job we do is performed with precision, expertise, efficiency, and care. We prioritize safety to make sure the lighting we install outside your home works perfectly and looks exactly the way you want it.


About Our Exterior Lighting Services

Our team at Aero Energy consists of highly qualified, skilled, and experienced professional electricians. Our work is backed by 5-star reviews across Google, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau. Turn to us for exterior lighting design and installation to make your house look beautiful.

No matter the size of your home or the scope of the project, Aero Energy is here to help keep your house well-lit and secure. In addition to exterior lighting installations, we also perform electrical repair and maintenance services both inside and outside the home.

Types of Exterior Lighting Fixtures We Install

  • Security Lighting: Installing security lighting helps deter break-ins, burglaries, and intrusions from occurring on your property. This is crucial for crime prevention and is usually integrated as part of the environmental design.
  • Flood Lighting: This type of lighting produces a wide beam of light to maximize the amount of illumination in an area, making it ideal for evenings and nighttime.
  • Post Lighting: Installing post lights illuminates pathways, lawns, and landscaping.
  • Motion Lighting: Motion lights have in-built sensors that pick up heat waves. They trigger light when they sense moving objects in their field of vision. Motion lights are great for homes with children or elderly/disabled individuals.
  • Exterior Accent Lighting: Illuminate the architectural features of your home or your landscaping with exterior accent lighting. These are especially great for highlighting the contours and silhouette of your home when it gets dark.

Safety First

If you’re looking for exterior lighting fixture installation services in Pennsylvania, it is imperative that you hire a lighting company that prioritizes safety. The electricians at Aero Energy have all been trained to perform our services with a safety-first mentality.

In addition to keeping ourselves safe during the exterior lighting installation process, we always focus on the customer experience. That means creating a safe environment for all homeowners both during and after the installation process. Our team of highly-qualified service technicians undergo extensive safety courses and training to ensure that they can deliver the safest and most efficient lighting installations.

Hire Aero Energy for Exterior Lighting Fixture Installations

Aero Energy does it all. Not only do we offer exceptional exterior lighting services, but our electrical services also include electrical inspections, electric panel replacements, outlet and switch installations, ceiling fan installations, and more.

Keep your home or business well lit with the experts at Aero Energy. For more information about Aero Energy’s installation, repair, and maintenance services, please do not hesitate to call us at 717-360-6744 or 301-606-8052.