Clean Burn Energy Systems

Turn Your Oil Flow Into Cash Flow

Does your company produce waste oil regularly? If you have been disposing of your waste oil without making full use of it, it is time to look into ways to maximize all of your business’s resources, and that includes waste products. By implementing a Clean Burn Energy System, you can convert your waste oil into free fuel to heat your facilities. This can not only dramatically lower heating costs but is also environmentally friendly. Furthermore, you no longer have to worry about the safe disposal of your waste oil.

Reducing oil prices

  • Reduce Your Heating Costs—Potentially To Near Zero
  • Reduce Consumption From Earth’s Energy Reserves
  • Safest Possible Handling Of Your Business’ Waste Oil

About Clean Burn Energy Systems

Clean burn energy systems utilize a patented process that uses plasma arc technology to generate energy from waste products. The process is clean and efficient, and it can be used to generate heat. Clean burn energy systems are scalable and can be used in a variety of applications, from small-scale waste incineration to large-scale heat generation. The process is safe and has been extensively tested. Clean burn energy systems are an environmentally friendly way to generate energy, and it has the potential to revolutionize the way we power the world.

Clean burn energy systems use combustion technology to generate heat by breaking up waste oil into many small particles. An added fuel tank stores waste oil. A filter between the burner and fuel tank regulates the volume of waste oil that reaches the burner. Frequent maintenance of this filter is essential for maintaining the efficiency of the furnace. After filtering, the fuel is then atomized and heated before being passed into the combustion chamber. Atomized oil is then used to produce a clean and efficient flame. Strategically placed internal fans regulate the airflow in the chamber to control the direction of the flame. A ventilation system is then used to expel the gas from the chamber.

Benefits of Using Clean Burn Energy Systems

Clean burn energy systems offer a number of advantages over traditional fossil fuel-based heating systems. First and foremost, they can significantly reduce your heating expenses. By burning renewable fuels such as waste oil, you can greatly reduce your dependence on expensive fossil fuels, as well as recycle your waste products. Additionally, clean burn energy systems create very little pollution which will help your operation to stay within EPA compliance. Finally, clean burn energy systems are much more efficient than traditional heating systems, meaning that you’ll get more heat for your money. In short, clean burn energy systems offer a number of significant advantages over traditional heating systems.

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