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TankSure® Program

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TankSure® Program

Our ultrasonic inspection offers the most completetanksure-program inspection and protection available. This valuable service helps us evaluate the safety and integrity of your oil tank by measuring its current thickness. Tanks that qualify will receive a Complete Tank Replacement Payment (up to $1,500) when replacement is required.

Enrollment in the TankSure Program is contingent upon the customer’s tank passing an initial ultrasonic and visual inspection, performed with EPA-Approved Testing Technology. While we cannot guarantee the prevention of a leak or other failure of your tank, we are providing this new service with the hope that by testing and monitoring, we can offer a long-term, proactive replacement program for our customers.

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What Homeowners Are Saying About TankSure

The TankSure program is a wonderful service. Our fuel oil supplier is always thinking about us, and offering this program is just another example of the quality of service we get. When I needed a new tank, I got the $1,300 warranty to contribute to the replacement with only a minimal cost to me.

We were delighted in the immediate response from our fuel supplier when they discovered weak spots in our heating oil storage tank. This is one instance a warranty paid for itself many times over.

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