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About Aero Energy:

Founded in September of 1929 we have been in business for over 95 years! Interested in learning about our history? Check out our interactive timeline. Our offerings have been expanded to include:

10 District Offices

28 Counties Served

92 Years of Service

35000+ Satisfied Customers

Company History

Founded in September of 1929 we have been in business for over 95 years. Prior to expanding into Maryland, our humble beginnings can be traced back to New Oxford, Pennsylvania with the opening of a single service station under the name “Aero Oil.” Amazingly, the idea was formed by founder David DeTar and H. C. Moul during a game of golf at Caledonia Golf Club.

Just over a month after Aero Oil opened, the U.S. stock market crashed. Though this was a tumultuous time for any business, Aero Energy was able endure when many neighboring companies were forced to shut their doors. Our company has been able to continue growing through the hardships of World War II, the energy crisis of 1970s and the housing market crash of 2008.

We often attribute our success over the years to the fulfillment of the value DeTar posed so many decades ago – “Depend on us for those who depend on you.” With this central purpose we continue to treat the satisfaction of our customers as our number one priority. Today at Aero Energy, we operate out of a headquarters in New Oxford, have 8 regional offices across Pennsylvania and Maryland and service a total of 26 counties. What started as a single truck operation has grown into a fleet of over 200 trucks.

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Why Choose Aero Energy?

Employee Owned. Customer Approved.
Why do Aero employees work so hard to please their customers? It’s because reliability and commitment to customers begins with our owners. You see, Aero’s employees are also its owners.

A large amount of Aero Energy stock is owned by our employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). There are well over 100 full-time employee-owners, across all nine Aero locations and all of our departments. Our employees take pride in their ownership of Aero and it shows in their work.

The remaining portion of Aero Energy is owned equally by two Rural Electric Cooperatives (RECs): Choptank Electric Cooperative based in Denton, MD and Adams Electric Cooperative in Gettysburg, PA. RECs were formed by the federal government in the 1930s to bring electricity to rural America. RECs are true cooperative organizations owned by their customers. If you are a Choptank or Adams member customer, then you are also an owner of Aero Energy! We also encourage Choptank Electric Members and Adams Electric Members to enroll in our cooperative benefit reimbursement programs. This unique blend of ownership serves as a foundation for rock-solid stability and fosters an unparalleled commitment to customers.

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Lasting Mission:

At Aero Energy our lasting mission is to serve as a trusted partner for our customers in all things fueling and HVAC. We strive to provide the highest level of customer dedication and commitment possible.


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