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Fuel Storage Tanks

Fuel Storage Tanks

Fuel Storage Tanks

Aero Energy offers a free tank loaner program to our customers.

  • Portable double-wall skid tanks (500 and 1,000-gallon tanks)
  • Pumps (electric, 12-V, hand pumps)
  • Hoses and nozzles in varying sizes
  • Regular tank maintenance
  • Tank monitors

Call Tim Damien at 717-360-6744 for more information.

Daily Spot Pricing

Is based on today’s current market fuel rates. These rates fluctuate daily, with the possibility of changing throughout the day.

Wholesale Rack Pricing

Is based on daily spot pricing with the exception there is no markup on the fuel.

Fixed Rate Term Pricing

For customers who prefer to have a clear projection and better control of their fuel costs.

Fuel Storage Tanks

Whether you need heating oil or propane tanks for temporary or permanent heat, or a tank for diesel or gasoline to fuel your fleet, equipment or generators, Aero Energy is your reliable source for fuel storage and dispensing.

Aero Energy’s Commercial Fuels specialists understand the detailed requirements to meet your specific fueling needs. When it comes to your business operations, Aero Energy’s experience and expertise offers dependable, turnkey fueling services so that you can focus on your operation.

Aero Energy provides free-loaned double-wall steel storage tanks, whether you need a stationary tank or one that moves with you from jobsite to jobsite, you can be sure to have access to fuel when you need it. Aero Energy tanks are manufacatured according to UL 142 specifications to provide safe and practical solutions to meet your fueling needs. Each tank is custom equipped with your choice of either an AC 115V electric pump or a DC 12V pump, standard 12 foot hose and nozzle, and a fuel tank level monitor. The tank is delivered to you – ready to use. Read on to find out more about our free, ready-to-use fuel storage tanks and custom solutions for your business.

Contact Tim Damien at (717) 360-6744 or tdamien@aeroenergy.com for more information.

Environmental policies, fire and safety codes, and SPCC (spill prevention, control and countermeasure) regulations have specific requirements for secondary containment solutions for tanks storing petroleum products. Aero Energy understands these requirements and offers double wall steel tanks which feature an inner tank that houses the product, wrapped within a secondary wall on the outside of the tank. The outer wall helps protect the inner wall from rust, corrosion and /or minor dings or dents. These tanks are firmly designed that in an unlikely event the inner wall would suffer a leak, the fuel product would be safely contained by the outer wall – preventing a spill. Each tank has a gauge for measuring the interstatial space between the two walls which would identify any leakage from within the inner wall. With Aero Energy double wall steel tanks, additional containment such as containment tubs, dikes, berms or barriers are not required in most applications.
Aero Energy monitors your tank levels so you don’t have to. With our 5G tank monitors, we see your fuel level in real time and delivery fuel when you need it. This is especially helpful when fuel usage may be sporadic or unpredictable – especially for sites that fuel usage is affected by weather or other changeable circumstances.

Free Maintenance

Aero Energy provides free maintenance on all Aero-loaned tanks, free and leased. We will replace any hardware or mechanical equipment which may become inoperable due to normal wear and tear.

Fuel Storage Tanks Monthly Volumes vs Monthly Lease

Aero Energy offers a free tank loaner program for customers who meet fuel delivery volume qualifications which are determined by the size of the tank. Our free-loaned tanks must be on a continuous fuel schedule. For fuel volume that does not meet the minimum requirements for the free-loaned program, Aero Energy offers fuel storage tanks for a monthly lease.

Tank size minimum monthly volume or Monthly Lease
300 gallon 900 gallon $134.99
500 gallon 2,000 gallons $179.99
1,000 gallon 3,500 gallons $209.99

Some Industries We Serve

Building and construction, excavation, landscaping, concrete, mining, demolition, paving, snow removal, transport, hauling, towing, cranes, agriculture, greenhouses, supply yards, marina’s, military, government and municipalities, schools and univerisites, fabrication and manufacturing, rail, industrial sites, generators, utilities and power generation, salvage yards, refuse and trash collection, septic services, emergency services, healthcare and hospitals, retail, restaurants and food service, golf courses, rental equipment companies, equipment supply, commercial buildings, businesses with fleets, automotive: car dealerships, repair shops.

Contact Tim Damien at (717) 360-6744 or tdamien@aeroenergy.com for more information.

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