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Adams Electric Cooperative Reimbursement Program

Are You an Adams Electric Cooperative Member?

Enroll in our Adams Cooperative Member Reimbursement Program to receive cash back every year on fuel purchased from Aero Energy as well as HVAC services performed by us at your home. Some members are reimbursed over $500 annually on these services simply from choosing Aero Energy. The best part- There are no additional costs passed on to you.

Steve the CEO of Adams Electric is featured here. steve-name


Steve Rasmussen, CEO/General Manager Adams Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Larry Marshall, CEO Aero Energy

Invest In Yourself, Sign Up Today!

It’s smart to invest in a company you already own. If you’re not already an Aero customer, consider making the switch today. When you choose Aero Energy for propane, heating oil, and HVAC services, you’re investing in yourself.


Adams members who become Aero Energy residential customers will be reimbursed each year for the following: 6 cents / gallon for propane gas 6 cents / gallon for heating oil 10% off heating & cooling system sales and service (up to $250 /year) on:
  •        Fuel equipment and home HVAC installation, service and repairs;
  •        Plumbing installation, service, and repairs;
  •        Water treatment and testing;
  •        Home automation;
  •        Generator installation; and
  •        Tank testing and repairs (lease or purchase).

All Of The Above Discounts Are Tallied Up & Credited To Your Account Annually!

Current Aero Energy Customers

To verify your participation in the Adams Electric Members Only Reimbursement Program, login to If you see the image below next to your name, you know you are enrolled. If you do not see this image or if you have any questions, call 717-624-6730. adams-signed-up

Enroll online today:

Give Us A Call At 717-624-6730 Or Fill Out Our Form & Get Your Discount Today.

Aero Energy Residential HVAC Installation & Repair Services Include:

  • Water treatment and testing;
  • Home automation;
  • Generator installation;
  • Tank testing and repairs (lease or purchase);
  • Fuel equipment and home HVAC installation, service and repairs and
  • Plumbing installation, service, and repairs.