Propane Tank Installation
Propane Tank Installation


Protecting Your Propane Tank

Aero Energy will help protect your underground tank, aboveground tank and oil tank.

Underground propane tanks have completely different safety concerns than aboveground tanks. They have specially-designed features to allow them to be safely stored beneath the surface, including:

 Cathodic Protection – Natural electric currents occur in water and land alike and have an adverse affect on metal objects underground, like propane tanks. The currents have the ability to create small holes. With cathodic protection, an anode bag is attached to the tank and absorbs the electrical currents to reduce damage to a tank in an underground environment.

 Tank Coating & Backfill – The tank must have a protective coating because the outer surface of an underground propane tank is in constant contact with environmental elements that can be extremely damaging to the tank. The backfill around the tank must be made up of sand or firm earth free of rocks and abrasives that could cut through the protective coating or anode bag.

 Location – Underground tanks should be away from vehicular traffic areas or rising water areas. The tank should not be covered with anything more than dirt and earth.

If you are looking to safely install a propane tank underground, or want to have the cathotic system that protects your existing tank tested, call the experts at Aero Energy.



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