Aero Energy

LP Tank Refurbishing Facility

April 3, 2012

Dear Friends,

We at Aero Tank Refurbishing are very thankful for your business throughout the past years. We have always strived to do our best providing quality propane tank refurbishment and sales.

Over the years we have experienced great relationships with our customers and have had many opportunities to get to know you and your business needs. You have helped us become a very successful tank company throughout the eastern half of this country.

With this letter we are announcing the sale of our refurbishment business division to LP Cylinder Service Inc., owned and operated by Maurice Ryman and family of Shohola, Pennsylvania.

For over 35 years, LP Cylinder Service has set the standard for quality and consistency in the refurbishing industry. LP Cylinder operates on the premise that high quality refurbishing helps its customers protect and prolong the life of their propane cylinders and vessels. They pride themselves in quality and innovation, which has been their competitive edge as they have grown their business. Customer recommendations have helped fuel the expansion of their customer base to over 15 states in the US.

Rest assured that LP Cylinder will continue to provide those services and products that have helped you grow your propane business. LP Cylinder maintains a fleet of delivery vehicles and will pick up and deliver all of your product needs.

In closing, we would like to thank you for your loyal business and for being a large part of our success with the tank refurbishing division. We value our personal and business relationships we have made over the past years of service. Please call us with any questions you have and please give LP Cylinder Service a call at 570-685-7924 for all of your future needs. Also, be sure to check out their web site at


Tom Washburn

Tom Washburn

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