Aero Energy has been in business for over 90 years.

Celebrating 90 Years of Service!

Founded September 12, 1929 Aero Energy is proud to have served the community for the last 90 years. We thank our customers for their loyalty and look forward to all the years to come. As a way of showing our appreciation we’d like to offer our existing customers a $50 refer-a-friend special! When you refer-a-friend to Aero Energy, you will get a $50 credit and they will get $50 credit! New customers must be primary heat, credit approved and enroll in automatic delivery. To claim your referral credit call 1-866-557-2112 or click here!

It should come as no surprise that the growth Aero Energy has experienced did not happen over night. Prior to expanding into Maryland, Aero’s humble beginnings can be traced back to the quaint town of New Oxford, Pennsylvania with the opening of a single service station. Today Aero Energy operates out of a headquarters in New Oxford, PA, has 8 regional offices across Pennsylvania and Maryland and serves a total of 26 counties. What started as a single truck operation has grown to a fleet of over 200 trucks. Amazingly, an idea at Caledonia Golf Club between founder David DeTar and H. C. Moul, led to the opening of Aero’s first service station in New Oxford, Pennsylvania. Just over a month later, the U.S. stock market crashed. A tumultuous time for any new business, Aero Energy was able to experience growth though the stock market crash, World War II and the energy crisis of the 1970’s. How has this growth been possible? By living the same value DeTar posed so many decades ago – “Depend on us for those who depend on you.”

Though much has changed over 90 years, our commitment to the people we serve has remained at the forefront of our operation. As an employee owned company, it is commonplace for customers to be neighbors, friends and even family members with an Aero employee. This trend has fostered an unrivaled quality of service. As we look towards the next 90 years we hope you consider some of the many programs available to you as an Aero Energy customer!

Programs Offered by Aero Energy:
Refer-a-Friend Program: When you refer-a-friend to Aero Energy, you will earn a $50 credit and they will earn a $50 credit! New customers must be primary heat, credit approved and enroll in automatic delivery. 

SMART Price Protection: When you enroll in a SMART Price Protection plan with Aero Energy you get to lock in your propane/heating oil rate all the way through May! When you enroll in one of these plans, not only do you get to avoid the price spikes of winter, but you also will earn up to $100 in fuel credit!

House of Worship: At Aero Energy, we’ve always recognized the value of community and are constantly looking for ways that we can do our part. When you enroll in the House of Worship program, ¢0.06 will be donated to your church for every gallon of propane/heating oil that you use during the year. If 100 members enroll in the House of Worship program at Aero Energy, we will donate an additional $3,000 to your church per year.

Adams Electric Cooperative and Choptank Electric Cooperative Member Benefit Program: Are you a member of Adams Electric Cooperative or Choptank Electric Cooperative? If so you’re eligible for additional savings! You can earn annual reimbursements for the following: ¢ 0.06 / gallon propane, ¢ 0.06/ gallon heating oil and 10% off HVAC service.

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