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Guide to Heating Your Home Efficiently With Propane

Guide to Heating Your Home Efficiently With Propane

Guide to Heating Your Home Efficiently With Propane

Do you heat your home with propane, or have you been considering converting your home to propane? This versatile heat source has many applications and is commonly used in the U.S. as a residential primary heat source. Although propane is commonplace, many users do not consider what they can do to heat their home as efficiently as possible with propane. Here is a guide with some of the key factors to keep in mind:

Smart Home Automation

Programmable thermostats can be installed to program for cooler temperatures when you sleep or leave the house. Many of these devices have four different settings in “wake”, “leave”, “stay” and “sleep”, allowing you to control the energy consumption in your household with far more efficiency. Please contact us today if you are looking to have one of these devices installed. We partner with a variety of manufacturers and install the highest quality thermostats on the market.

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Insulation and Sealing

To keep the costs of propane heating down and increase its efficiency, ensure that adequate insulation is provided in your home. While there are a variety of factors at play depending on the type of insulation used, sealing all potential air leaks around doors and windows coupled with vapor diffuser barriers can go a long way in improving the insulation of your homes. Insulation on the floor and in areas like a garage where heat can be easily lost can also contribute to the efficiency of propane in heating your home. Local insulation firms are also able to typically offer consultations on a case specific basis.


In homes utilizing propane for heat, the furnace acts as a centralized heating system that distributes heat throughout the house through vents. With these systems usually lasting between 15 to 20 years, you can protect the lifespan of these systems and save on heating costs by installing sensors that shut off the system when the desired temperature is reached.


Regular system maintenance is important to ensure you are consuming propane as efficiently as possible. For example, one could expect a furnace services annually to perform much more efficiently than a system that has never been serviced. We recommend an annual tune-up on systems powered by propane to extend system life span and to catch small problems before they turn into big ones.

Propane Delivery Services at Aero Energy

If you are looking for a propane heating or cooling system for your home or business, look no further! Aero Energy is ready to assist you with your respective needs. Our professional and experienced staff is ready to repair and install your propane HVAC systems. We also provide propane delivery services with a variety of pricing plans. We are also excited to offer a 3-day delivery guarantee for online self-service customers. A trustworthy brand with a reputation cemented over 90 years, you can depend on us for those that depend on you. Contact us to find out more!