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Are You Prepared for the Coming Heating Season?

Are You Prepared for the Coming Heating Season?

Are You Prepared for the Coming Heating Season?

It wouldn’t be uncommon for propane or heating oil to be the last thing on a homeowner’s mind when you consider the exceptionally warm weather we’ve been experiencing across the Mid-Atlantic region. At Aero Energy, we’re always looking ahead to the coming winter season so our customers can feel as prepared as possible. That’s why we are offering several pricing plans to ensure our customer’s needs are being met and that their options are maximized during these unique market conditions. 
Why Should it Matter Now?
The Covid-19 pandemic has brought market fluctuations across a wide variety of industries. The home fueling industry has been no exception as propane and heating oil prices are tied to the global fuel market. One example of the unprecedented times we’re living in came in April of 2020 when oil prices went negative for the first time. You’ve also probably noticed firsthand that gas prices for your car have been exceptionally high the last couple weeks. The advantage homeowners have right now is that they are likely consuming a minimal amount of fuel. 
The report below depicts an average price per gallon comparison of both propane and heating oil from the Environmental Information Administration from this past winter.



As reflected above, average propane prices from 2021 surpassed 2020 in January. The case for heating oil differs, with the average 2021 price exceeding 2020 this past March. Broadly speaking, heating oil rates have since remained at high levels. There is no perfect way of predicting what the fuel market is going to do this coming heating season which is why this serves as such a great time for homeowners to consider their options.   

What Plans Does Aero Energy Offer?
SMART Price Protection: When you fix your propane or heating oil rate, you’ll know your exact price per gallon in advance for the entire season. Unlike many of our competitors, there is no fee to fix your rate. This plan is accompanied by our automatic delivery service which means there is no need to stress over your tank levels once the cold weather comes around.

Aero Budget Plans: Bulk payments for fuel deliveries are a thing of the past when you enroll in an Aero Budget plan. Enjoy consistent, low monthly payments all year long. How does it work? ​
     1. We estimate your usage for the season.
     2. We provide you with a competitive price per gallon.
     3. We divide your payments for your estimated usage across the number of months remaining between your enrollment and May 31st.  
These plans are also accompanied by our automatic delivery service so you can have ultimate peace of mind. Credit approval is required. *

Pre-Buy: Anticipating your fueling needs in advance? When you pre-buy, you’ll enjoy our current, best price and be covered for the whole season. 

Interested in discussing your options a little bit further? Give us a call at 800-998-4311 to talk to one of our residential fuel experts today. We look forward to helping you make the best choice possible for your home this coming heating season.