FleetWide Fuel Management

Choose Aero Energy for fleetwide management solutions. With Aero Energy and FleetWide, you have 24/7 access to your account information online from anywhere.FleetWide Fuel Card Program

 Update Your Personal Fueling Profile
 Track Vital Card and Account Information
 View Your Transactions and Authorizations
 Validate and Invalidate Cards
 Custom Reports of Fuel Usage
 Download Fuel Transaction

FleetWide: One Card Does It All

The FleetWide Fueling Program, 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year, brings you the most advanced fueling controls and more than 32,000 sites internationally. Everywhere you see a CFN or Fuelman sign, your FleetWide card is welcome and accepted. With FleetWide, convenient fueling locations allow you the ease of carrying one fueling card that provides you with a single detailed invoice to better manage your fuel purchases. And most importantly, FleetWide will give you a fueling program tailored to your fleet's requirements including an unrivaled diesel network, industry standard security controls, and 24/7 access to petroleum products and account management.

Customize Your Fueling Requirements

FleetWide allows you to set profiles for your individual drivers, departments, or your entire fleet. Setting up fueling times, gallonage limits, and product controls gives you a handle on fuel consumption.

 Exception Reporting by Card and/or Account to Track Usage
 Per Day Transaction Limits
 Gallon Limits Per Transactions
 Time of Day and Day of Week Fueling Controls
 Product Control at all cardlock locations
 Floating Driver ID (DID), which Creates a Virtual Driver Card
 Custom DID
 E-Receipt for Added Security, Tracking, and Email Verification of Fuel Purchases

Personalized Customer Service

Service representatives are available in your neighborhood, which means personal service. Whether setting up your account, profiling your customers, issuing cards, location mapping to our sites, or offering service listings at all locations, FleetWide is available for all of your fueling requirements.

FleetWide is the Choice Card

 Manage your own fueling account - receive detail reporting from your card issuer or take advantage of both.
 You can fuel at unattended cardlock sites, retail locations, or at more than 330 Pilot Travel Centers, 200 Love's Travel Stops, and 165 Truck Centers of America offering a full array of services for the over-the-road traveler.
 You choose the controls that fit your fleet and meet your fueling requirements.

Find FleetWide Fueling Locations Near You

To fuel at the more than 32,000 (and growing) FleetWide locations and for a complete listing of the services offered at these locations, go to www.cfnnet.com. You may also contact customer service at 855-779-6899 for any site information and get started fueling today.

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