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Four Reasons to Consider a Whole Home Generator This Summer

Four Reasons to Consider a Whole Home Generator This Summer

Four Reasons to Consider a Whole Home Generator This Summer

The summer season is just about here and many homeowners are taking the time to consider various home upgrades and projects to tackle over the coming months. For some, this may be new flooring, redesigned landscape, or replacing their roof. One upgrade that should not be quickly passed over though is the installation of a whole home generator. These modern systems offer many year-round benefits including an uninterrupted power source, safety and security, preservation of food and medications, and of course convenience. In this blog article, we do a deep dive into these benefits to help inform our customers on a purchase like this.

Uninterrupted Power Source:

One of the primary benefits of a whole-home generator is that you are afforded an uninterrupted power source. In the event of a major storm, downed powerlines, or other disruptions to the power grid, a generator can keep the lights on, help maintain a comfortable temperature, and even power household appliances. While the degree of household coverage may vary depending on how you configure your generator, it is quite likely that your essentials will be covered.

Safety & Security:

A whole home generator provides serious safety and security enhancements in power outage scenarios. Especially for older homeowners the risk of falling increases during a power outage when the lights are no longer operational. Additionally, home security systems will continue to be functional when connected to a household’s generator system. For prolonged outages, this provides extra peace of mind for the entire family as local municipalities work to restore power.

Preservation of Food & Medications:

Power outages can be stressful enough as it is, but in the absence of a generator losing the food in your refrigerator as well as refrigerated medications is a very realistic concern. In certain cases, this can lead to both financial losses as well as medical emergencies. For those with the means, a whole home generator can help mitigate these risks in a big way.


Power outages can have a negative impact on both daily routines as well as comfort. They can result in an HVAC system rendered useless, an inability to cook, and the absence of hot water. When a household can rely upon a whole home generator, usual activities can typically continue without significant disruptions. It is impossible to know exactly when disaster will strike, but homeowners who have prepared by installing a generator system will be afforded added convenience as well as basic essentials while awaiting power to be fully restored.

In conclusion, there are many valuable benefits to keep in mind when considering installing a whole-home generator. Are you interested in receiving a free quote? Aero Energy is proud to serve as a Generac Select Dealer! Our experts are here to help you every step of the way and are happy to answer any questions you may have on one of these projects. To get in touch please give us a call at 800-998-4311 or submit a form online.