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Four Signs That Your Heat Pump Isn’t Working Properly

Four Signs That Your Heat Pump Isn’t Working Properly

Four Signs That Your Heat Pump Isn’t Working Properly

Heat pumps are great for efficiently heating and cooling your house. Given the fact that they typically use a fraction of the energy that other traditional heating sources use, you get to enjoy a comfortable house and considerable energy savings. Heat pumps can break down despite the many advantages they offer. It should come as no surprise that heat pumps that undergo regular maintenance are expected to operate more effectively and last longer. Understanding the signs that something is wrong with your heat pump is key to getting it fixed as quickly as possible. Here are some of the signs that your heat pump isn’t working properly.

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Ices Up In Winter

The exterior unit of the heat pump is designed to defrost any ice that forms on the outside cover. Typically, a light covering of snow is not a problem. When the snow piles up however, the machine will automatically engage a defrosting function that melts the ice. These systems are designed to shut down automatically to prevent any damage to the system if subjected to heavy levels of snow. The entire process is controlled by sensors and if they are faulty (or something else in the system is faulty) the machine will not work as intended. If you notice a thick layer of ice on the outdoor unit that forms quickly, chances are that something has gone wrong with the system. The best thing to do under such circumstances is to shut down the system and get help from heat pump installation experts as quickly as you can.

Icing Up During Summer

This is extremely abnormal and typically should not be expect. That said, if you notice that your system is icing up during warm days, chances are that it is not the defrost system that has a problem. Rather, other parts of the machine are faulty. If you have clogged coils, refrigerant leak or clogged up air filters, the system is unlikely to work as it is supposed to. The best way to fix this problem is to shut down the machine and get expert help from heat pump professionals.

System Turns On And Off

When your heat pump does this, experts refer to it as short-cycling. This can be as a result of various faulty components. For example, if your thermostat is not properly calibrated, your system is likely to short cycle. Another common reason for your heat pump to short cycle is if your blower is faulty. Typically, replacing any of these components will fix the problem. Since there is no way to be sure what exactly is the problem, the smart thing to do is to call an expert to test each of the suspect components. Once they have isolated the faulty unit, they can then replace it for you.

Noisy Unit

Well installed heat pumps that are working properly are usually not noisy at all. If your unit suddenly starts being noisy, it indicates that something has gone wrong. The first place to look at are the moving parts, especially the blower blade or any of the belts. There is a good chance that the unit will produce noise if some of the components are worn out, broken or bent. The best solution here to this is to replace the faulty parts which will likely resolve the problem.

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