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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What services are offered by Aero Energy?
A- Aero Energy is a one stop shop for all of your propane, heating oil, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and generator needs. Click the adjacent links to learn more about residential fuels and residential services offered by Aero Energy.

Q- What saving opportunities are available with Aero Energy? 
A- Aero Energy offers a variety of programs to ensure you get the best service at the best price possible. We encourage you to explore our SMART Price Protection, our refer-a-friend program and our Adams Electric/Choptank Electric Reimbursement Programs.

Q- How do I choose an energy company near me?
A- Choosing a heating oil company should not be a decision that is rushed into. There are lots of considerations you should keep in mind when making this decision which is why we've done our best to outline some key questions you might want to ask here. We hope you take a look and ask us these questions when you choose Aero!

Q- How long does propane last? 
A- The easy answer is it depends on a multitude of factors, but to help you make a determination about the speed of which you will use your propane, we've gone into detail about the variables you should consider here. While this is a generic guide to help you with this question, we encourage you to call to discuss the specifics of your home. 
Q- How quickly can I get a delivery?
A- New customer accounts and will call customers can typically expect a delivery in 3-5 business days. Automatic delivery propane customers rest easy knowing that Aero Energy is constantly monitoring the level of their tank and will schedule a delivery when they fall below 30%. Aero Energy relies upon a highly accurate formula based on past usage, number of occupants and weather patterns to ensure that automatic delivery heating oil customers receive timely deliveries. Additionally, Aero Energy offers emergency run-out deliveries for automatic customers.  
Q- Does Aero Energy offer service contracts?
A- Yes, Aero Energy offers three different service contact options. To learn more about the coverage included with the Bronze 90, Silver 90 and Gold 90 plans, click here.
Q- Does Aero Energy sell propane and heating oil tanks?
A- Yes, but only if Aero Energy is the installer of said tank.
Q- Are any programs available for heating oil tanks?
A- Aero Energy is excited to offer customers enrollment in the TankSure program. This ultrasonic inspection offers the most complete inspection and protection available on the market and incudes complete tank replacement (payment up to $1,300) when replacement is required. Click here to learn more.
Q- Why do I need a pressure and leak test?
A- Aero Energy’s number one priority is the safety of our customers. Pressure and leak tests help to ensure this standard of safety and to prevent problems before they occur. 
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