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Originally Aero Oil, Aero Energy has been providing fuel oil for over 90 years! We know you’re on the go which is why we’ve made ordering fuel as easy as possible. We are excited to share you can now order heating oil online with our Self-Service Portal! If you have ordered fuel from us before, simply login to your MyAero Account to place your next order, schedule a delivery and pay without even making a call. New to Aero Energy? No problem! Just follow the link and create your MyAero account as a new customer so you can get started with our self-service portal. 

Aero Energy offers environmentally-friendly and efficient home heating oil to residences across Pennsylvania, Maryland and parts of Delaware. Interested in becoming an automatic delivery customer? Call Now to place your order, or get started by submitting your zip code in the form to the right.

If natural gas heating is not a feasible option where you live, oil systems can serve as an energy efficient alternative for your home's heating system. Heating oil serves as an incredibly efficient way to heat your home! Relying upon oil heating in your home will allow you to ensure your home remains at a comfortable temperature year round.

From delivery, to tank installation and tank maintenance, Aero Energy is your full service provider for all your heating oil needs. We are also your experts on additives which help your home to burn fuel more efficiently. One value we hold very highly is transparency with our customers. To that end if your wondering how to choose a delivery company we've written some questions you should ask any company (including us) that you're interested in working with. Read more about how to choose a heating oil company near you, here.

Looking for our heating oil prices today? Enter your zip code into the form on this page to see quotes on fuel oil prices with various Aero Energy plans. If you are an interested commercial customer, rest assured knowing we can meet any demand you have. Please visit our commercial fuels page for more information! 

Why Aero Energy?

Premium Heating Oil with ThermoGuard™

Versatile and long-lasting, heating oil fuels boilers, water heaters, oil tanks and oil heaters. Aero Energy's premium heating oil with ThermoGuard helps save you money and solves problems:

  Keeps nozzels clean
  Prevents sludge
  Removes moisture/water
  Prevents frozen lines

Aero Energy Does it All:

  Purchasing a Heating Oil Tank: Aero Energy has you covered for your oil tank replacement! The tank sizes we supply inlcude 275 gallon and 400 gallon tanks. Whether you are in the market for an above ground or underground tank our experts can help you determine exactly which fuel tank is best for you.

  Heating oil delivery: With our advanced software and weather tracking technologies we can monitor your tank levels to ensure you have a delivery before you run out. Day or night is our promise to you. With our nine different locations, we guarantee we will get you your fuel when you need it most.

  Oil Furnace Installation: Unlike other fuel providers, our highly trained service department is equipped to install your oil furnace. Our technicians have undergone the highest level of training and are prepared for install, repair and tune ups when you need it most!


90 Years of Service

  Established in 1929, Aero Energy offers the greatest expertise, attention to detail and services within the fuel industry. As an employee-owned company, our team brings an unrivaled level of care and commitment to work every single day. When you choose Aero Energy you know that you can depend on us for those that depend on you. 

Our Energy Programs

  SMART Price Protection Program: By enrolling in Aero Energy’s SMART Price Protection Program you won’t have to worry about fluctuating energy prices for the entire year. Call us today to learn all about how this program can save you money!
  TankSure Program: Concerns on the safety or longevity of your heating oil tank? We’ve got you covered with our TankSure Program! This program will give you the peace of mind you deserve with up to $1,300 replacement insurance for qualifying tanks and will have you looking forward to service calls.

  House of Worship Program: When you enroll in the House of Worship program, 4 cents will be donated to your church annually for every gallon of heating oil you use. If enough members of your congregation join, an additional $3000 will be donated annually. Click here to learn more about the House of Worship Program.

   Adams Electric & Choptank Electric Cooperatives: Did you know that Aero Energy is partially owned by Adams Electric Cooperative and Choptank Electric Cooperative? If you are a member of either electric cooperative you are eligible for annual reimbursements of 6 cents/gallon of heating oil used! Call 855-779-6899 to enroll in one of the programs today!

   Click here to learn about different payment plan options that we offer!
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