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House of Worship Program 101

House of Worship Program 101

House of Worship Program 101

Summer is drawing to a close, making it the perfect time for us to explain everything you need to know about Aero Energy’s House of Worship Program. While we encourage our customers to consider enrolling throughout the year, this article serves as an additional tool to inform you about the benefits awaiting your church upon enrollment. Below, we explain what the House of Worship Program is, how it works, and the annual payouts we provide.

What is the House of Worship Program? The House of Worship Program is a charitable initiative introduced by Aero Energy in 2018. Its primary goal is to support local churches within our service area. In essence, Aero Energy commits to making an annual donation to each participating church, with the specific amount determined by the following factors for each enrolled congregation member:

  1. Quantity of propane gallons consumed.
  2. Quantity of heating oil gallons consumed.
  3. HVAC or plumbing services performed for enrolled members.

Our program is entirely free to enroll in, and there is no limit to the number of congregation members that can enroll from a single church. Likewise, there’s no cap on the payout amount each church can receive.

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How it Works

To enroll in the program, simply call us at 800-998-4311 or submit an inquiry form at One of our team members will guide you through a brief enrollment process. Once enrolled, continue using fuel as usual and schedule HVAC/plumbing services with Aero Energy when needed. We will track your fuel usage and home services throughout the year to ensure your church receives its annual donation. For every 20 members enrolled, your church stands to receive an average donation of $600 (based on annual fuel usage estimates). Additionally, if you refer someone to sign up with Aero Energy, both you and the new member will enjoy the benefit of receiving $50 in fuel credits!

Our Payouts

Your church will receive its annual donation every June from Aero Energy via check. The donation calculation breaks down as follows:

We are proud to announce that our total annual donation has increased each year of the program’s existence. Following the 2022-2023 season, we were able to distribute over $35,000 to churches in our territory. It’s worth noting that the benefiting church does not need to be an Aero Energy customer to receive a donation from the House of Worship program. However, if the church becomes an Aero Energy customer, they may also benefit from the annual fuel/service incentives outlined above.

We hope to continue spreading the word about the advantages and donation potential for congregation members in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. Are you ready to get started or looking for more information? We’re here to help! Please give us a call at 800-998-4311.

Enrollment is limited to residential customers only. Participants in the House of Worship program may only benefit from the service component if they reside within the Aero Energy service territory. Monthly service contract fees are not eligible for donation value. To receive the $50 credit on your account, the customer you are referring must enroll in an automatic delivery schedule, be credit-approved, and rely on propane or oil for primary heat. Additional terms and conditions as well as location restrictions may apply.