Gettysburg, PA

Aero Energy- Gettysburg, PA

Aero Energy was established in 1929 not too far from Gettysburg, PA in the small town of New Oxford. Our Gettysburg, PA operation has been in place since 1959. Having served our local Pennsylvania communities for over 90 years, Aero Energy is proud to offer a variety of residential and commercial services out of our Gettysburg office to the surrounding area. We hope you explore our offerings below.
Residential Fuel Deliveries:

We provide propane delivery and heating oil delivery out of our Gettysburg district office. Lock in your rate with our SMART Price Protection Program or conveniently order online to benefit from a 3-Day Delivery Guarantee. Learn more on these great pricing options here.

Residential HVAC Services in Gettysburg, PA:

We offer a host of residential services out of our Gettysburg office to include both HVAC and electrical work. Whether you are in need of a system install or maintenance work you’ve come to the right place. We also offer Aero Home Service Plans for customers who are interested in a comprehensive year-round service benefit program. If you’re in need of heating and cooling services in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, look no further than Aero Energy!

Commercial Fuel Delivery in Gettysburg, PA:
We deliver Propane, Heating Oil, ULSD Dyed Off Road, ULSD Clear On Road, B2 BioDiesel Clear On Road, Gasoline Regular 87 Octane, Gasoline Mid-Grade 89 Octane, Gasoline Premium 93 Octane and Gasoline Premium 90 Octane Non-Ethanol to our commercial customers out of our Gettysburg district office. Whether you are in need of standard deliveries or a custom delivery solution we’ve got you covered! We invite you to visit our commercial fuels page to learn more about the primary industries we serve.
Plumbing and Water Treatment Services in Gettysburg, PA:
The water in your home is important. That’s why our experienced technicians are prepared to take care of your immediate plumbing needs. Have you considered a water evaluation? This proactive measure will help to prevent common issues such as hard water, iron/rust and PH imbalance in your home.
Generator Work In Gettysburg, PA:
Are you in need of a generator tune-up or an install in Adams County? As a Generac Select Dealer, we install and service the number one generator on the market. These systems are a true investment in your home and will provide peace of mind should there be a significant power outage in your area.
Community Involvement:
Aero Energy is a proud member of the Gettysburg Chamber of Commerce. We are also partially owned by Adams Electric Cooperative which has a presence in the Gettysburg community. If you are an Adams Electric member be sure to check out our cooperative member benefit program to learn how you can save with Aero Energy.
Service to Surrounding Areas:
Located in the Adams county our Gettysburg district office is an important piece of our Pennsylvania operations. Some of the major markets served by this office include Fairfield, Carroll County, Arendtsville, Bigglerville, Bendersville, Mount Alto, Shippensburg, Littlestown, Cashtown and Hunterstown. Are you wondering if you fall within our service area? Simply type your zip code into our sign-up form.