Do you know the important questions to ask when your fixed pricing contract comes to an end.

Navigating the End of a Fixed Pricing Contract

Navigating the End of a Fixed Pricing Contract

Navigating the End of a Fixed Pricing Contract

For many homeowners, the month of May means the conclusion of their fixed price agreement with their propane or heating oil provider. The decision to renew their contract or explore other options will now be up to them to consider.  Below we’ve outlined a few important factors that should help guide this decision-making process for both existing Aero Energy customers as well as homeowners in general who perhaps are not yet familiar with us. 

Review Your Current Contract and Past Usage

As you look ahead to the summer months and the heating season that will follow, it is always a good idea to start with two initial steps. First, review your fixed pricing rate for the past season. The fuel market can fluctuate quite a bit over the course of a few months and this will give you insight moving forward to your new rate. Next, review your propane or heating oil usage from the past year. If you feel comfortable with the pricing and the amount you used, you may want to consider a budget plan or a pre-buy. Companies such as Aero Energy often give pricing incentives for options like these. 

Consider a Budget Plan

When you enroll in a budget plan you will enjoy consistent monthly payments for your propane or heating oil instead of lump sum charges for bulk deliveries. How does this work? At Aero Energy, we can estimate your annual fuel usage, offer you a price per gallon for the year, and then provide you with a set monthly budget. Quite simply, the budget is the amount you will owe each month for the duration of the contract. This will apply to months where you receive a fuel delivery as well as months that you do not. The earlier you enroll in one of these plans, the lower the monthly rate will be as all contracts will still expire in May of the following year. A major advantage here is that budget plans allow for much easier financial planning than regular fixed pricing contracts.

Switching to Will-Call Or Exploring Other Providers

At the end of each standard fixed pricing contract, it becomes an option to switch to will-call or explore other providers in your local area. Remember, if you loan a propane tank from your existing provider, you will either need to purchase it outright or pay to have it removed for you to receive deliveries from another company. We encourage anyone calling around comparing pricing to make sure they understand the difference between a fixed rate for the season and a first-fill rate as these can often vary significantly.  

By keeping these factors in mind, homeowners can make informed decisions about their energy contracts and find the best plan for their needs. Should you be considering a new provider or find yourself ready to renew with Aero Energy, we encourage you to give us a call at 800-998-4311 to talk it over with one of our customer support representatives. We’re here to help you understand the full array of options available. Existing fixed pricing customers with Aero Energy can also renew online when they visit: