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Employee Spotlight: Rhonda Thomas

This February, we’d like to recognize Rhonda Thomas in our employee spotlight. Rhonda is our administrative assistant and in many ways keeps the wheels turning at Aero Energy. She began her career in our accounting department in 1986 which makes her one of our most experienced employees. We were fortunate to sit down with Rhonda to ask about her time here over these last 35 years.
How it all Started:
Prior to working for Aero Energy, Rhonda was doing an internship for a shipping company in Hanover, Pennsylvania. At the time, she happened to come across an ad for an opening in Aero Energy’s accounting department. She ended up landing the position and began her career at Aero. Little did she know at the time, this would be the beginning of a relationship that would span decades. 

Rhonda Thomas working at Aero Energy
Aero Over the Years: 
Rhonda notes that there has been countless changes in her time with the company from acquisitions, to expansion of service offerings and of course advances in technology. A few of the most significant that she observed was Aero’s expansion into propane, plumbing and electrical work. She took over as administrative assistant in 2006 and has maintained the role ever since, reporting directly to the CEO. In that time Rhonda has become a wealth of knowledge for numerous facets of the company and an overall asset who can be relied upon.  
Dedication to Aero Energy:
Two things have kept Rhonda so dedicated to Aero over the years: first, the family oriented nature of the business always stood out to her. She reflected that the company was always flexible if she had a sick child or needed to adjust her hours. The second thing that has kept her so committed is the people she gets to work with. She shared that it has always been a close knit group as long as she can remember. She told us that the biggest lesson learned over the years is that “it’s important to enjoy your job, who you work for and who you work with.” A fond memory she has that rings true to that very sentiment was several winters ago when the CEO bought lunch for everyone who had traversed the elements to make it into the office. 
As Aero’s legacy continues past our 90th year anniversary it is important we recognize the individuals like Rhonda who have made our success possible. Rhonda, we thank you for your hard work and many years of service! 

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