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Common Propane Tank Questions and Answers

Q: Does Aero Energy lease or sell propane tanks? 
A: Yes. We lease and sell 100 gallon, 325 gallon, 500 gallon, and 1000 gallon propane tanks to our residential and commercial customers. Click here for propane tank sales.

Q: What are the advantages to owning or leasing a tank? 
A: If you own your own tank, you have the option to shop around for propane gas. However, you’re also responsible for all tank maintenance and repairs. If you lease your tank, you are not responsible for maintenance and repairs and you always count on Aero Energy's 5 star delivery service (check out our reviews on Google).

Q: How do I know how much propane is in my tank?
A: With Aero Energy’s new Tank Monitors, monitoring your tank levels has never easier! Have access to real-time readings from the convenience of a smart phone. If you are a will-call customer, using your propane tank gauge number along with some simple math, you can calculate approximately how many gallons of propane your tank contains.
Q: Do I own a leased tank after so many years?
A: No, the tank remains the property and responsibility of Aero Energy. We will maintain and inspect the tank each time we make a propane delivery to you so you never have to worry about it. However; you can, at any time, buy the tank from us for a reasonable price. 

Q:  How often will Aero Energy inspect my propane tank? 
A:  We inspect each and every tank whenever we make a delivery.

Q: Why can’t I put my propane tank right over here?
A: NFPA 58 has safety and distance guidelines everyone must follow. When you buy or lease a propane tank from Aero Energy we visit your location and, at no cost to you, we survey your tank site to ensure it meets all safety requirements.

Q: Next summer we're going to put a deck on the house. Can Aero give us a BBQ set-up when the time comes?
A: Yes.

Q: Should I put my tank above ground or underground?
A: We typically only burry tanks that are 500 gallons or larger. The decision is up to you in most instances. While burying a tank is a more expensive and time consuming project, the rationale is often times to avoid the eyesore of an aboveground tank. When you give us a call we are happy to go into further specifics with your yard.

Q: What codes need to be considered before installing a propane tank?
A: This completely depends on the municipality you live in as some will require you obtain a permit prior to installing your propane tank. When you choose Aero Energy we will ensure that all codes and regulations are followed.
Q: How do I know I’ve asked the right questions leading up to my tank install?
A:  Transparency is everything with a propane tank installation. Safety needs to be the number one consideration when installing a tank on your property. If you feel that the company you are working with isn’t giving you all the details or communicating with you properly, please give us a call. We are happy to provide our input to ensure your needs are being met.
Q: Why do I have to have a leak check?
A: It is a matter of safety and it's required by law.

Q: What is a leak check?
A: Leak checks test the integrity of both the exterior and interior pipe systems. Aero does a leak and pressure test on new customer tanks, whenever a tank goes empty and upon customer request. 

Q: May I paint my tank to look like a watermelon?
A:  No. NFPA 58 states propane tanks must be painted in a heat reflective color for safety reasons.


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