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Three Signs That Your HVAC System Needs Professional Repair

Three Signs That Your HVAC System Needs Professional Repair

Three Signs That Your HVAC System Needs Professional Repair

Many homeowners find themselves turning their air conditioning on for the first time this year as temperatures continue to rise. We want to remind homeowners in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware that there are some warning signs to be mindful of that may indicate your HVAC system needs a professional repair. Some of these warning signs are more obvious than others, but all of them should be taken seriously. Remember, when you are able to catch issues early on it is more likely that you can prevent a costly repair in the future. Here are some of the time warning signs you should be mindful of this season:

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Insufficient Airflow

A primary warning sign to be on the lookout for is insufficient airflow. If you notice weak or limited airflow from your vents, it could be a sign of a blocked or damaged air duct, a malfunctioning blower motor, or a clogged air filter. Not only will this reduce the comfort of your home when it’s warm outside, but it will also force your air conditioning unit to work harder to maintain your desired internal temperature. This will ultimately result in a higher energy bill. An Aero Energy technician will be able to diagnose the source of a problem like this and take the appropriate measures to ensure your air is flowing without limitation.

Unusual Noises

A serious red flag to be aware of is if your HVAC system is producing strange noises while it’s running. Keep in mind- It is normal for your system to produce some noise during operation, but anything out of the ordinary or inconsistent should not be ignored. If you hear banging, screeching, grinding, or rattling noises it is quite possible that there is an internal problem impacting the unit. Left unattended this can worsen and even result in a system failure. By calling Aero Energy, we’ll be able to troubleshoot the unit, identify the source of the noise and take the appropriate actions to resolve it. Often times this will involve a part replacement that can help you save in the long term.

Inconsistent Temperatures or Poor Cooling/Heating Performance

If you are noticing inconsistent temperatures or poor performance of your unit overall, this should serve as a clear sign that something is inhibiting your system’s performance. Issues can range from thermostat malfunctions to leaking refrigerant and even faulty compressors. These repairs should only be taken on by an experienced professional. It is also worth noting that the age of a unit will eventually catch up to its performance. If your system is 15+ years old it may be time to consider a full replacement.

Your HVAC system is incredibly important to the comfort of your home. While these systems are complex, there are simple warning signs that you should be aware of that may indicate that it’s time for a professional repair. Proactive service will always help to reduce energy costs and postpone system replacements. When you rely on the home comfort experts at Aero Energy, you can rest easy knowing you have a partner equipped to provide expert repairs. If you have a question on your home’s system or would like to schedule a service, please contact us at 800-998-4311.