A house receives an automatic fuel delivery.

Understanding Automatic Propane and Heating Oil Delivery

Understanding Automatic Propane and Heating Oil Delivery

Understanding Automatic Propane and Heating Oil Delivery

Most homeowners who heat their homes with either propane or heating oil have been faced with the decision of whether or not to enroll in automatic delivery. This can certainly be confusing for anyone new to propane or heating oil compared to the way an electric or natural gas home is heated. Generally speaking, homeowners enrolled in automatic delivery enjoy greater convenience and security than those opting for a different delivery schedule. In this article, we break down exactly what “automatic delivery” is, how it works, and what the alternative is for those who prefer different delivery schedules.

What is Automatic Delivery?

The phrase “Automatic Delivery” refers to the schedule on which you will receive propane and heating oil at your home. When you sign up for automatic delivery, your fuel provider will take on the responsibility of (1.) monitoring your fuel tank, (2.) scheduling a delivery when your tank runs low, and (3.) ensuring your tank does not run empty. There could be slight variations from company to company, but these are the basic tenants that homeowners should keep in mind when considering such a plan.

How Does Automatic Delivery Work?

The answer here will vary slightly based on fuel type. Modern fuel companies like Aero Energy tend to track propane usage through the use of propane tank monitors. The monitors provide real-time tank readings to both the provider as well as the homeowner through a smartphone app. The risk of a runout is greatly minimized with this technology and typically will allow your home to take larger deliveries. On the heating oil side of the equation, advanced formulas are utilized to estimate tank levels by factoring in degree days, past consumption, and the size of the home in question. Heating oil providers are able to ensure timely deliveries by implementing these formulas. Homeowners enrolled in automatic delivery schedules benefit from the convenience of not needing to regularly check their tanks and make one-off orders.

What are my Alternatives?

Signing up for an automatic delivery plan isn’t for everyone and the reasons for this can vary. For some, this type of schedule can put a strain on their finances if they are not expecting a delivery. Others may prefer to meticulously check their tank levels so they can place orders at specific times. Many companies including Aero Energy offer will-call delivery schedules that simply allow homeowners to order their fuel at their leisure. Aero Energy also offers a self-service option to our customers that allows them to order propane and heating oil directly online.

All homeowners will need to decide what makes the most sense for their particular needs. Aero Energy is proud to serve as a trusted advisor on all things home heating! If you have any questions about delivery schedules and what makes sense for your home, know we are here to help. Are you interested in signing up for automatic delivery? Please give us a call at 800-998-4311 to learn more.