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Your Home’s Springtime Fuel Consumption

Your Home’s Springtime Fuel Consumption

Your Home’s Springtime Fuel Consumption

As we have undeniably entered the Spring season, homeowners commonly experience a shift in fuel usage to heat their homes. Although warmer weather is becoming more and more normal, we should still anticipate colder evenings and chilly mornings where it may be necessary to heat your home. If your primary heat source is propane or heating oil, these fuels are still an excellent choice to efficiently perform this job. Below we’ve outlined some of the expectations that you should have over these next couple of months as we trend toward summer.

Propane Customers may use more fuel

Both propane and heating oil customers should expect the cool evenings of spring to cause them to use fuel to heat their homes. With that said propane customers may expect slightly higher usage for a couple of reasons. First, propane has a lower BTU rating than heating oil. This essentially means that it doesn’t burn as hot as its counterpart. The result is more fuel may be used to achieve the same interior temperatures. Second, propane is a more versatile fuel source than oil. If a homeowner uses propane for cooking, heating their pool, and heating their home, there are simply more draws on their propane levels than that of an oil household. These factors will of course vary home by home.

A home will continue to use propane or heating oil during the spring.

Fewer deliveries typically does not mean no deliveries at all

This time of year, the temperatures are creeping up into the high 70s and low 80s on certain days. It can be surprising to see a fuel delivery truck coming up the driveway for an automatic delivery with the temperatures being so comfortable outside. At Aero Energy, we monitor the fuel usage of all of our automatic delivery customers. Even if it feels warm outside during the day, it could very well be time for your next delivery. If you are a Aero Tank Monitor customer you can benefit from 24/7 access to your tank levels from the convenience of your smartphone to allow yourself advanced notice of a delivery. Homeowners should rest assured that a spring or summertime delivery is far better than a run-out.

Best practices

The spring is a time of year that is typically accompanied by quickly changing weather. The number one recommendation we give our customers is to make a habit of regularly checking their tank levels. Not only will this help you prevent a runout, but you’ll also get an idea of your rate of fuel consumption during this season. Both propane and heating oil tanks have easy-to-read gauges that should provide you with peace of mind that your home is ready for anything mother nature throws at it. 

In conclusion, propane and heating oil are both viable options for heating your home in the springtime. They are efficient, reliable, and safe, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. 1. Propane customers may use more fuel this time of year than heating oil customers. 2. Fewer deliveries typically will not mean no deliveries made at all. 3. The best thing you can do is regularly monitor your tank levels to ensure you are prepared for sudden weather fluctuations. Whether you use propane or heating oil, you can rest assured that you will be able to keep your home warm and comfortable during those chilly spring nights. If you ever have any questions about your account know our customer support team is here to help and can be reached at 800-998-4311. You can also submit a form inquiry on our contact page.