Neighborhood Gas Systems

For builders and home owners alike, propane delivered through a central gas system, is an ideal energy solution. A Neighborhood Gas System by Aero Energy creates even more value by making communities more marketable. It provides home buyers the assurance of superior comfort, performance and affordability made possible by environmentally-friendly propane. For new communities, ranging from a few homes to thousands, there’s a Neighborhood Gas System by Aero Energy to meet any need.

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Aero Energy neighborhood gas systems are a green solution.


A Neighborhood Gas System, also referred to as a centralized gas system, is a superior energy solution for communities that are off the natural gas grid. These utilize a single, centrally-located propane storage tank and distribute gas through a network of underground pipes. Each home is equipped with a meter to measure usage. In day-to-day use, this makes them virtually identical to natural gas delivery systems. If natural gas becomes available in the future, a Neighborhood Gas System can be converted.

  • No distracting tanks at each home
  • No propane trucks making individual deliveries
  • Increased safety due to underground distribution


  • Centrally located propane tank
  • Safely distributed through underground pipes
  • Homes have individual meters
  • Convertible to natural gas


Offering gas, in addition to electricity, to new home buyers creates a more marketable product that promises long-term owner satisfaction.
  • Gas ranges heat more evenly
  • Gas water heaters recover twice as fast as electric
  • Gas furnaces produce warmer air
  • Augmented-energy homes appraise higher than all-electric homes
  • Gas heat can save up to 50% compared to electric


Aero Energy is a leading provider in the design, construction and maintenance of Neighborhood Gas Systems in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. No two systems are the same. Aero Energy works with developers to design systems that are custom-tailored for the economics of each project. Central tanks are equipped with remote monitoring technology that reports propane supplies to Aero Energy on a daily basis. Homeowners will have the gas they need, when they need it.

  • With more than 90 years of experience in fuels, Aero Energy is a trusted partner to neighborhood developers.
  • Neighborhood Gas Systems are regulated by state and federal regulatory commissions. They are maintained to the same standards as natural gas systems.
  • Aero Energy service personnel are DOT Certified Gas Professionals.

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