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At Aero Energy, we know you’re on the go which is why we’ve made ordering fuel as easy as possible. We are excited to share that you can now order propane online with our Self-Service Portal! If you have ordered fuel from us before, simply login to your MyAero Account to place your next order, schedule a delivery and pay without even making a call. New to Aero Energy? No problem! Just follow the link and create your MyAero account as a new customer so you can get started with our self-service portal.

Interested in becoming an automatic delivery propane customer? Aero Energy offers local sales and service of this clean resource to residential customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. Call Now to learn today's price per gallon and to place your order, or get started by submitting your zip code in the form to the right.

Relying upon numerous propane suppliers, we are able to offer competitive pricing and fast fuel delivery. When you call be sure to ask about our automatic delivery options that can save you both time and money!

One of the most common questions we're asked is how long propane will last. Although it's not always a simple answer we've done our best to go into detail on the factors that may impact this answer and we hope that our article helps to inform your household. Read all about how long propane lasts here.

Why Propane for Your Home?

As one of the nation's most versatile sources of energy and fuel, propane serves as an alternative to heating oil, natural gas and in some instances electricity. Propane gas has numerous potential applications and can be used for kitchen appliances, grilling, fireplaces, water heaters and of course heating your home. In addition to its versatility, homeowners can also look forward to a fast and easy installation process of their tank.

 More Comfort: Propane delivers more comfort than electricity. A propane furnace will heat up faster and deliver air that is approximately 25 degrees warmer than an electric heat pump. That means no annoying cold spots or uncomfortable drafts.

 More Value: Today's propane furnaces have advanced controls and the latest features for safe, convenient, and efficient operation. For most homes, a propane furnace costs less to operate than an electric furnace.

 Less Pollution: Since propane is a clean fuel for heating your home, you can feel good about protecting the environment. Other fuels just can't match up. Propane is less harmful to the environment than wood, heating oil, or electricity produced from fossil fuels such as coal or oil. That means less pollution, providing everyone with cleaner, more breathable air.

Aero Tank Monitors

With our industry leading Aero Tank Monitors, we provide our customers with the ultimate peace of mind. When you become an Aero Energy automatic delivery customer, you will be able to monitor your tank levels, compare monthly usage and receive customizable notifications. With Aero Energy also monitoring your propane levels, we'll automatically schedule your delivery when you need a refill! 

Click here to learn more about our tank monitors!

Neighborhood Gas Systems:

Do you live in one of our Neighborhood Metered Gas System communities? Know that you can easily manage your account when you log in to MyAero! Looking for information on Excess Flow Valve Regulations? Click here.

Why Aero Energy?

Aero Energy Does it All

 Need a Tank:  Aero Energy has you covered! We are happy to lease or sell 100 gallon, 325 gallon, 500 gallon and 1000 gallon propane tanks. We also offer discounted tanks that have been refurbished and approved by our experts. Click here to learn more about buying/leasing propane tanks.

 Propane Delivery: With our advanced Aero tank monitors, not only can we can monitor your tank levels to make sure you never run out, but so can you! Inquire about our new Otodata technology and the app that you can download once a monitor is installed on your tank. Our drivers are on call year round to ensure you have propane. Day or night is our promise to you. 

 90 Years of Service: Established in 1929, Aero Energy has established itself as an industry leader with the sale and distribution of propane. We strive to offer the greatest expertise, attention to detail and services. As an employee-owned company, we strive to bring an unrivaled level of care and commitment to work every single day. When you choose Aero Energy you know that you can depend on us for those that depend on you. 

Our Propane Programs

 SMART Price Protection Program: By enrolling in Aero Energy’s SMART Price Protection Program you won’t have to worry about fluctuating propane prices for the entire year. Call Now to learn all about how this program can save you money!

 House of Worship Program: When you enroll in the House of Worship program, 4 cents will be donated to your church annually for every gallon of fuel you use. If enough members of your congregation join an additional $3000 will be donated annually. Click here to learn more about the House of Worship Program.

 Adams Electric & Choptank Electric Cooperatives: Did you know that Aero Energy is partially owned by Adams Electric Cooperative and Choptank Electric Cooperative? If you are a member of either electric cooperative you are eligible for annual reimbursements of 6 cents/gallon of propane used when you switch to Aero Energy!

Call 855-779-6899 to enroll in one of our programs or to order fuel today!
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